Posted on: December 27, 2008 1:03 am

Who is #1?

I remember a simpler time. I recall a day where one had to win something to be declared number one. I remember where a bold prediction was not enough, but that you had to make that prediction come true before you could raise that index finger ala Namith and declare that you were indeed number one. Now, it doesn't take that much.

As I was watching the final minutes of the, ugh, Motor City Bowl, I watched Central whatever's quarterback toss a 2-point conversion to close the gap to within 3. Not only did the announcer say that NOW the game was a one score game, as if 5 points needed two TDs, but this QB wags that number one high in the air. What a dumb arse.

As we all know, they lost to Florida Atlantic Pants something, and as Fla came on to the field to celebrate, they doused the only one to ever be number one, their coach, with Gatorade. He (of course I forgot his name) has won a national title in NCAA division one football, although now he has to win scrawny bowl games with Florida Ohio State College. And all the while, the winners were holding their number ones up in the air.

What, cant count to 46th where you really are?

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Posted on: December 24, 2008 11:59 am
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No need to punt the ball...

This link wil take you to a story about a H.S. football team in Arkansas that decided not to punt on fourth down and to only kick onside kicks after scoring. My question to you is, would it ever work in real pro football? The numbers that the coach uses are pretty convincing and they did win the state title doing it.
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Posted on: December 20, 2008 3:00 am

Supermarket defends itself over Adolf Hitler cake

Normally I would be happy to use such a space to rant about the Cubs, but as I can see, there are a lot of those running around. So, I decided to pick on this story and play a little "WWYD," or "what would you do." The story is at:
, and it bascially says that a NJ grocery store would not make a birthday cake that contains the name of a child. Normally that would seem odd, but the child's name is Adolf Hitler Campbell. Eventually, Adolf's parents found a Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania that made the cake for them. So, my question to you is: would you make the cake? And second, would you name your child Adolf Hitler? Or for that matter David Duke, Bill Buckner (j/k Bill), etc...
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